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Types of Gasifiers

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Fixed Bed Biomass Gasifier (Down-Draft) : 

In which you can use woody biomass, briquettes of loose biomass. Gas generated by this fixed bed gasifier is clean and suitable for power generation as well as for thermal applications where clean gas is required.

Fixed Bed Biomass Gasifier (UP-Draft) : 

In which you can use Coal, Charcoal, briquettes of loose biomass. Gas generated by this fixed bed gasifier is not very clean and suitable only for thermal applications.

Fluidized Bed Gasifier :  

In fluidized bed gasifier you can use rice husk, wheat husk or any other loose biomass as it is.

Difference between updraft and downdraft gasifier : 

Fluidized Bed Gasifier Updraft Gasifier:
  • It can run on higher moisture i.e. upto 20%
  • It is a multi-fuel system
  • It can work on briquettes, coal and other fuels
  • It has easy removal of ash, so it can take the raw material which contains high ash material such as coal
  • The disadvantage of updraft gasifier is that the quality of gas is comparatively low as it is having high tar and particulate matter

Downdraft Gasifier:
  • Due to high quality gas, it is suitable for power applications.
  • It is also suitable for the thermal applications where high quality of gas is required.
  • It can only undertake woody biomass & charcoal and the material should be low ash content, having low moisture and should not cripple under heat.
  • For big size gasifiers, size is a limitation in case of downdraft gasifier. We generally supply downdraft gasifier for replacement of Furnace Oil upto 400 liters.

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